There are lots of magazines that cover various topics like politics, technology, business, sports, entertainment and many more. Some of these magazines are purely online, whereas, others have both print and online versions. Here are some of the popular magazines that you can read.



This is a daily online magazine. It provides commentary and analysis about news, politics, culture, business and technology. The magazine has a strong editorial voice that takes on current events. It has received a number of awards which includes the National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online.

The Atlantic


This magazine covers news and analysis on business, politics, culture, technology and life. It includes both national and international news. The magazine was founded in 1857 in Boston. It is known for its strong reviews on various issues. It has received a number of National Magazine Awards.



It is an American magazine founded in 1923 in New York City. It is a weekly magazine having 26 million readers all over the world.

Dope Magazine


It is a lifestyle magazine that has a creative and intelligent approach to discussing various topics. It features breaking news, celebrity gossips, everyday topics, etc. You will get behind the scene coverage and lots of lovely photos as well.


This is a premier online Canadian magazine. The magazine covers politics, media, culture, arts, books, etc. It is a very popular online magazine in Canada.

Some of these magazines are free, whereas, you have to subscribe for the others. Their main source of revenue is advertising. There are weekly and monthly magazines as well. The subscription process of these magazines is very simple. If you are interested about various issues happening around the world, then subscribe to some of these magazines. Every magazine has a different perspective of telling the story. Subscribe to the magazine that you will enjoy reading and covers most of the topics you are interested in.