The Kind Of Headphones That You Absolutely Need

The biggest drawback that we have with any other type of headphone is how bulky it is. There is an alternative type of headphone, called the ear-fitting headphones. These headphones are known for their best sounding headphones under 100. These headphones are further classified into two types; they are the earphones and the in-ear headphones.


The earphones, alternatively called ‘the earbuds’ generally fit to the outer ear. They only face the ear canal and do not fit into it. These earphones are portable, which makes the very convenient. Because they do not fit into the ear canal, they are considered as uncomfortable by most people. They do not provide acoustic isolation and provide space through which ambient noise seeps in. This in turn causes the user to turn the volume up to a dangerously loud level.

The sustained use of these headphones at high volume causes a degenerative loss of hearing.  The upside to this is it lets the user be more aware of the surrounding. They commonly come as a part of the package on the purchased of a Smartphone. The Samsung earphones are known for the comfort that they offer. Recent development shows these earphones fitted with pads of foam for comfort.

In-ear Headphones:

The in-ear headphones are alternatively called the In-Ear Monitors (IEM) and the Canal phones. They are similar to the earphones, with the biggest difference is rather than being fit in facing the ear canal, it goes the extra mile and it has buds that actually get inserted in the ear canal. They are higher-quality headphones. The people who generally use them include audio engineers and musicians. Audiophiles also use this frequently. They are oriented only with the ear canal. This makes them more prone to slipping out of the ear.The in-ear headphones remove the noise cancelling issue, as they effectively blocks out all the environment noise. Using this while walking or driving near or in areas of vehicular traffic is harmful for the noise blocking reason.  The plugs are generally made out of silicone rubber, elastomer and sometimes even foam. They can also be made by castings. The cast of the ear canal is taken to engineer custom made plugs for additional comfort.

These headphones, if not the best, is the most frequently spotted headphones, especially best sounding headphones under $100, because they are some of the most affordable ones.

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