Windows 7 Activation – All You Need To Know

Microsoft Windows is a flagship product from the technology giant. They have redefined the way we look at computers, and the way we use computers. They have brought computers closer to common people due to their user-friendly GUI based operating systems. It all started with the Windows 95. Then came the Windows 98. It slowly started gaining popularity among the masses, so Microsoft went on with their developments and came up with Windows XP. The dam broke, and the popularity of the OS reached extreme levels. People were not ready to accept Windows 7 when it came to the market, but then, every new product has its initial days of struggle. It wasn’t different for Windows 7 either.


Slowly and gradually we have started accepting windows 7, and indeed, it is a powerful offering from Microsoft with several new features. However, Microsoft has introduced one thing with this OS and that is the activation process. Every copy of Windows 7 has to be activated after being installed on a PC, by the product key which is provided at the time of purchase. If you have bought the software online, you will get the product key via email. This product key is a 25 character key which needs to be entered in order to certify the copy of Windows to be a genuine product. If a product is not activated, then after 30 days of installation most of the features stop working. You won’t be able to install any of the updates which Microsoft provides.

The activation process is pretty easy, actually. All you need to do before activating is check so that your internet connection is working properly. Go to your Computer’s properties and you will see a button to activate your copy of Windows 7. Click this, and you will be prompted for the product key which has come for your particular product. Once you enter the product key, it will be verified against the valid product keys registered in their servers. Once this is validated, the product will be activated and you will be able to use the OS in all its entirety.


Microsoft came up with this strategy to counter the piracy of their products, and has been successful to some extent. Earlier, the products used to be available for download readily in the internet. All one needed to do was to download them and install. This thing has been done away with up to some extent.

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