Long Exposure Night Photography Ideas


With nd filters you can extend your exposure time without the risk of overexposing your shot. Night photography draws on some of the same principles of black and white photography.

Desert In The City Long Exposure Night Photography By Genaro Bardy

If you have a tripod a remote shutter release or cable release and a camera with bulb.

Long exposure night photography ideas. Long exposure is such a huge genre and this is a big enough collection that you re sure to find something that inspires you. Once you determine how long. You can end up with a blue evening sky when in reality it s much darker.

We decided to put together a bunch of long exposure photography ideas to help you get out of your artist s block and out shooting. Getting great long exposures doesn t require any special expertise. Manual mode gives you control to determine the most important setting of all for night photography.

Cities are full of awesome night photography subjects. They do different sort of photography experiment using this trick. This is why to be able to take a good long exposure at night you will need to be entirely in manual mode.

Long exposure photography ideas alex wise writes a detailed post here outlining some terrific ideas for how to apply long exposure photography for amazing results. Alex s in depth piece is illustrated with great photography examples showcasing the core techniques and concepts being discussed in the article. From shooting during the day and night to learning a few creative tricks.

If you head out at night with your camera you ll see that there are interesting subjects for you to shoot just about everywhere you go. It makes everyday scenes look otherworldly like snapshots from a dream. For example a factor that may once have affected the color in your photo may now change the contrast.

A useful technique in night photography is the long exposure. And yet all you ve done is leave the shutter open for longer. Photo by robert emperley.

Cool night photography ideas. At night however when the sources of light are very select the camera has a much harder time. Try it out for yourself and capture some creative long exposure photography with your smartphone.

You can also capture such types of shots using these amazing and cool long exposure photography ideas i have provided in this article. Long exposure photography can be addictive. Long exposure photography is one of the most trending types of photography captured by most of the photographers around the world.

If you keep your shutter wide open even for several seconds you ll realize that the dark sky isn t exactly that dark. When there s an inkling of light in the night sky take a long exposure. Some ideas of things you can shoot include.

The effects that can be captured with a long exposure are stunning and have an ethereal quality. All of the shots below leave the shutter speed open longer than you re going to be able to hand hold a camera so you re probably going to. The most important tool that you will need is a sturdy tripod along with a dslr camera that allows for long exposures.

Nd filters are not only useful in daytime but also when doing long exposures at night. As you can see there are many ways you can master the art of long exposure photography.

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