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Capturing the motion of a beautiful waterfall requires the understanding of long exposure photography one of the coolest techniques you can use as a photographer. Canon 5d mark iii canon 24 70mm f 2 8l ii lens 10 seconds at f 11 iso 100.

Daylight Long Exposure Photography Tips Long Exposure

It s very similar to long exposure photography however the tips i m going to share below are possible without fancy gadgets or tools like filters sometimes you don.

Long exposure photography waterfall. I will be doing some waterfall photos is the smokys and had a question about using pixel shift function to take those images. Whether you re out photographing waterfalls the sea rivers or a fountain making water dance is a simple technique using basic settings that most cameras have available. I try to shoot for exposures 1 4 seconds long at these kinds of waterfalls.

Photography is always about compromises and in this case the slightest loss in sharpness only visible when viewed at 200 is greatly outweighed by capturing the water s movement. Shooting long exposure waterfall photographs is great for fun and it is possible to produce amazing results. I find it best to head out on cloudy and overcast days to get an ideally exposed waterfall photograph.

Overcast days give some of the best light for photographing long exposures of water. Don t be afraid to use f 22 if you need it. There is a log of technical knowledge to be remembered initially but settings can be manipulated almost automatically after.

I have used pixel shift in the past with landscapes and i know there is a moving subject option but if i say have a 5 second exposure and pixel shift with a waterfall is it. For long exposure waterfall photography use a 3 stop sometimes referred to as an nd0 9 nd filter which will let only 1 8th of the ambient light through to your camera. The first image is during a drought resulting in a waterfall that had almost no.

Take a look at the following two photographs they are from the same waterfall one year apart. Waterfall long exposures and pixel shift. This reduction in light is what allows us to lengthen our shutter speed and capture the waters movement without ending up with a completely overexposed image.

A powerful current has more movement to it than a small stream and as a result this high flow waterfall may not require an exposure as long to achieve the desired result. With a good location the right light and a little luck you can capture some extremely interesting images that will most likely leave others with a sense of wonder. Like anything else in photography shooting waterfalls takes practice patience and a lot of experimentation.

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